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My Apologies

In an act of an act of showing how much I care.i announce my apologies.

My apologies to my parents,the people that I wronged and everyone that thought bad of me because of my doings.

Apologising for doing things or not doing things.for saying things or not saying things.for thinking about things and for not thinking about them most of the times is truly such a cure for many problems nowadays.

Nowadays oh people we are indulged in so many things that we forget what really matters to us.what really makes sense and what really makes the difference in our lives and the lives of others.

We decide not to forgive because the other person did something wrong to us.we decide not to smile coz we hold grudges.

We,humans,most of the times take things differently and understand them in a very unreasonable way.

We,humans,most of the times don’t try to justify our bad deeds although we know they were bad.

We act defensive.aggressive.hutful in many ways and on many occasions without thinking what that would entail and what effect that would have on others.

Because of what we do everyday and how we wrong people every second of our lives,I invite ourselves to apologise.i invite ourselves to say sorry,and mean it,and try to actually work on the things that caused arguments,fights,bad feelings or whatever makes us feel uncomfortable.

Let us apologise to each other and be a better nation…better HUMANS.

The poor…


Have you ever imagined yourself poor? Or have you ever wondered what it feels like to be poor…or lets put it this way, have you ever thought about the poor?

Answering these questions can lead you to an entirely different world. So let’s try and answer them in a few words even though it would never describe how it truly feels like to be poor.

Imagine you are in a world where you are surrounded by people who have iPhones, MacBooks, galaxy gear or whatever and you have no idea what those things are. People who have big houses, big nice cars, high paying jobs etc. and you dream of a more sophisticated shelter than train stations and bus stops. People spend their time sitting on a sofa (if the poor know what that means) watching TV rather than sitting on the cardboard enjoying the view of druggies, criminals and prostitutes..etc. People that are married and have kids but that thought never crossed your mind.

Have you ever imagined yourself wandering in the streets and thinking about how you could get food and where from or where you are going to stay, whether the station or the bus stop (oh the station is better. Today is a very cold day).

These people, who we call poor, are most of the time the most generous, most clever, most pious, most dignified, nicest, kindest people on the face of the earth.

These people that suffer from everything  and almost everyone in this world are the loveliest people I have ever met in my life. The most thoughtful and genius people that ever existed on the face of this planet. I mean, if you are religious, mind not me reminding you that all the prophets were poor. Whether you are Muslim,Christian,catholic, all our prophets were poor and look at us today thousands of thousands of years trying to follow them and imitate them in every way.

Hats off to the poor. Hats off to all the people that are suffering in this world and yet they try to always do the right thing. Hats off to the poor families that created geniuses who are creating stuff for this world.

I love you all poor people. I love you all.


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    Ever wondered why you are alive? why for the happiness of this world you thrive why are you stressed or why and how are you relaxed ?why and why and why… loads of whys…THEY NEED ANSWERS!

Part of the reason why I started this blog is because for a very long period of time I have been asking myself the same question again and again.In fact,it’s not me who was asking it was my soul and my conscience who were trying to wake me up and tell me that I need to actively ponder on things and think about what’s happening around me actively and learn from them and move on and then eventually spread the word with the world which,I think,is sinking in mold..not even a joke!

Just as a brief hi-it’s-me for you.I am a married Muslim man who is currently living in Scotland with my wife (and enjoying it).she recently started her blog as well which is Bless her,the beauty,she honestly is the best wife in the world mashallah.Enough about her and lets get back to me (she will kill me when she reads this lol).

To get back to the bone,I started this blog to talk about my opinions and views in regards to variety of subjects.I also wanted to share my feelings and experiences with the world and finally to connect with you guys,hopefully,on a different level.

All in all this blog is about the world and me,our relations…our sufferings…our opinions and views and most importantly it’s a place where I can share my love with you all…with humanity!

Love you all!

peace !


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